Welcome to the official website of Aaron Mckibbin and his journey to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Aaron Mckibbin is a London born Paralympic Table Tennis player who is currently based in Sheffield and a regular member of the GB team.

Aaron was born with bilateral talipese and had many corrective surgeries on his feet and legs throughout his childhood. It affected both his feet and ankle joints, making his balance and movement quite difficult. Aaron has never let his disability be the reason for why he couldn’t do something. If anything it has driven him even more to prove he can do anything, and he always strives to be the best he can be.

Aaron at Practice



Aaron has been lucky enough to work on some big advertising campaigns through his young career, these have included Coca Cola and Cadbury whilst during the London 2012 games.

Aaron also is very keen to inspire the next generation of kids not only to compete in table tennis but also to inspire them to have the confidence to play sport in general. Sport has helped him to develop a wide range of life skills, which he is able to draw on both in and out of sports arenas and he feels others will benefit as well.



James Pendleton

Aaron on Twitter

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