IMG_0125Aaron Mckibbin is a London born Paralympic Table Tennis player who is currently based in Sheffield and a regular member of the GB team.

Aaron was born with bilateral talipese and had many corrective surgeries on his feet and legs throughout his childhood. It affected both his feet and ankle joints, making his balance and movement quite difficult. Aaron has never let his disability be the reason for why he couldn’t do something. If anything it has driven him even more to prove he can do anything, and he always strives to be the best he can be.

From an early age he was a lover of sport; from the age of 4 he played tennis and loved the game until the age of 14 when he found movement and balance problems began to have an impact on his game. Keen to continue playing competitive sport Aaron switched to table tennis which he soon realized he had a big passion for. He began playing in his school lunch breaks and socially with friends, it wasn’t long before local coaches spotted his talent and Aaron was encouraged to peruse table tennis on a more serious note. Aaron has always been an exceptionally competitive person, he dreamt from an early age of representing his country in sport and being on the world stage.

In IMG_96172009 Aaron was invited to his first British Table Tennis development camp. The GB coaching staff were very impressed and soon invited Aaron to his first international competition in Romania. After competing in Romania Aaron knew this is what he wanted to do and he set his target on trying to represent GB in the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Aaron moved up to the National Table Tennis Center in Sheffield where he trained full time along with the rest of the GB team. This was a big step for Aaron, leaving home and moving away from his family, but it was an easy decision as he knew this was what needed to be done in order to reach the level to achieve his goal. Aaron went on to represent GB in the London Games and went one better by taking a bronze medal in team event class 6-8 with team mates Ross Wilson and William Bayley. He went on to repeat this in the recent Rio 2016 Games winning Bronze again in the class 6-8 team. This time beating china in a famous victory to claim the medal.

Aaron has been lucky enough to work on some big advertising campaigns through his young career, these have included Coca Cola and Cadbury whilst during the London 2012 games.

Aaron also is very keen to inspire the next generation of kids not only to compete in table tennis but also to inspire them to have the confidence to play sport in general. Sport has helped him to develop a wide range of life skills, which he is able to draw on both in and out of sports arenas and he feels others will benefit as well.

Quick Fire Q&A
IMG_9626Name: Aaron Mckibbin
D.O.B: 27/08/1991
Lives: From London. Currently in Sheffield
Disability Table Tennis Class: 8
Playing style: right-hander attacking
International debut: 2009
Favorite movie: Either American Gangster, Coach Carter, Water Boy
Favorite food: Can’t go wrong with a massive grilled steak
Biggest achievement: Bronze medal in London 2012 Paralympic Games and Rio 2016
Favorite country visited: Either Brazil (Rio) or China (Shanghai) amazing!!
Biggest inspiration: My Mum and Gran for sure
Superstition: Changing shirt just before my match
Who you would love to meet: Jay-Z, reckon you could sit down for hours and he could tell so many amazing stories of life
Favorite sports team: Chelsea FC
Favorite sportsmen: Novak Djokovic his passion and focus is insane
Best city: Of all the places I’ve visited it’s still my home town LONDON
Favourite TV series: I have a lot – Entourage, Hero’s, Vampire Diaries, 24 and Prison Break. Sorry I can’t chose I watch them all a lot
Advice for kids: Take every opportunity you’re handed and don’t let it pass, having regrets in the future is something you won’t want

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Aaron McKibbin